Clients Visiting Gallery


Installation of Hydro Turbine in Albania

This Turbine is installed in Albania Korce , 31 Meter head , Pipe is 800MM, 320KW , Francis Hydro Turbine. 


Lao clients visit us and place the order with us

Lao clients came to our factory to place the order with us. 6 unit of 200KW, total capacity is 1200KW . 3 Hydro power plants equipment.


Visiting our worshop

Sweden clients visiting us 


Sweden Clients Visinting our Factory

Sweden Clients come to our factory to visit and place 2 units of 320KW total is 640kw, Francis Hydro Turbines from us. 


Visiting our workshop

Client visiting our workshop and see our processing 


Albania Clients visiting us

Clients place 2 units of 400KW Francis Hydro Turbine, 40 meter head, Total capacity is 800KW. 


Dinner with clients

Having dinner with clients. 

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