Numerical control system work in PC hardware environmen

Numerical control system work in PC hardware environment, adopting stone cutting CNC five-axis linkage CNC system, cutting tool path by five-axis linkage control, namely by three linear movement axis and two axis linkage control.
To achieve the machining of the five-sided shaped surface processing, the user can produce or export CAD numerical control exchange files on the machine, and generate processing simulation demonstration and processing code through system call.
The machining process can be stopped to modify the equipment operation parameters and can choose to continue processing or processing from the beginning. The machining dimension accuracy and the shape bit precision are high, which is especially suitable for the processing of products with splicing requirements.Equipped with infrared, the tool can quickly determine the suitable location of the workpiece.It can make full use of network connectivity resources, which can be controlled by remote operation, so that technicians can process problems online.Machining range: 3,200 x 2000 x 200mm, the maximum diameter of the saw blade is 600mm.